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This is the Mark Erney fun links directory. Here you will find our favorite pictures of world wide travel, surfing links, camera links, laser links, and everything we consider "fun". This area of our web site will expand over the the next few months while we have this usual winter lull in work for Mark Erney. This is the area of my web site I really enjoy working on to have fun when I have extra time on my hands. You will love what you see here in 2018! I have hundreds of pictures and stories to be added, original drawings by Mark Erney to be added, and will be adding music media created by Mark Erney in the very near future. Please come back and check out the improvements. I guarantee you will find some fun!

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  • Pictures - Pictures & stories of wildlife, landscapes, friends, staff, and world wide travels.
  • Cool Links - Our favorite surfing links. Fun links for everyone of all ages. G Rated
  • Laser Links - Laser manufacturers new and used, and laser light show experts.
  • Pictures For Sale - Pictures by Mark Erney for licensed sale to publishers.
  • Royalty Free Pictures - Pictures by Mark Erney you can publish royalty free.
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