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Privacy Policy and Copyright Disclaimer

Please take a moment to read our privacy policy and copyright disclaimer below.

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What We Don't Do

First and foremost Mark Erney wants you to enjoy our web site and the content within it. If you want to use an image you like for your desktop background or to show a friend for "personal" use, we have no problem with that. We do not permit you to "publish" any content within our web site without permission. If you like a particular story or web page and want to link to it from a general audience rated web page we encourage you to do so. The exception is, we do not permit links from adult oriented web sites. If you discovered our web site through an adult oriented link, we would appreciate it if you report it to us. Our web site is G Rated and does not publish or condone violence, nudity, racism, or profanity. We do not link to any adult oriented content. We do not use any third party advertising or cookies on our web site. We gather no personal information from you when you visit. There is no membership or registration required to use our web site. If you do provide personal information such as your email address or telephone number when contacting us, we do not share it with anybody. We do not store credit card information because we do not accept credit cards. We accept checks, paypal transfers and bank wire transfers only. The only data we collect is basic web server statistics showing which pages and content are viewed the most, how much data was transferred, and what the referring URL was. This is only for the purpose of improving our web site. Other than basic stats, we do not attempt to collect your personal information. Mark Erney has no intention of making any monetary gain from third party cookies or banner ads on your visits to our web site. They are annoying and most people ignor them anyway. If you hire us to do a job for you, that's fantastic! That is the purpose and intention of our web site. To offer our products and services, display our creative work, show our travels, tell you our favorites, and share our experiences. Please enjoy your visits to www.markerney.com. Your personal privacy is very important to us.

Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright Disclaimer: The photo images within our web site are the exclusive intellectual property of Mark Erney "and" the clients or their customers who own the property shown in the photo. These images are intended to show the creative works of Mark Erney. You are not permitted to duplicate, distribute or publish any photo image without license from Mark Erney and/or a signed release from the property owner. Client property owners and their customers are exempt and have full publishing rights to the photo images of their respective property.

Property Owners: If you are a person pictured in an image, own tangible property pictured, or own a trademark pictured in an image and want attributes added giving you credit for your contribution, please contact us and it will be added immediately. If you are the owner of property pictured on our web site and have any problem with that image being published on the www.markerney.com web site, please contact us and it will be removed immediately if warranted.

Furthermore: Mark Erney takes the personal property rights and privacy of our clients and their customers very seriously. Mark Erney will assist our clients and/or their customers in seeking monetary compensation for damage incurred by infringement of their personal property copyrights. Please do not publish pictures of our clients property without a "signed release from the property owner".

Rights: Our clients and their customers have the right to download from our web site and do what they wish with any image of their respective property. Our clients, their customers, owners of the property pictured, and persons shown in an image, are the only ones granted this right.

What We Do Attempt

It's very simple. We attempt to achieve employment and satellite communication related contracts through the Mark Erney web site. We do offer certain pictures that we have sole copyrights to for sale under a commercial use license, but pictures of privately owned property such as people, buildings, satellite dish images, trademarks, and tangible personal property are never offered for commercial use. We only offer landscape, wildlife and seaside photos that we have full copyright to for commercial use. They can be found in the [ Fun ] directory of this web site. Third parties sell you the license and collect the payments. We do not know who buys the license and we do not get any of their personal information. This is to help compensate and maintain our web site. Our primary goal is to achieve employment and provide fast reliable service to our clients and their customers.

Links To Other Web Sites

We make every attempt possible to insure that links on our web site only lead to safe general audience rated content. We monitor the links on a regular basis to insure the content they lead to is appropriate. We have no control over the content of other web sites once you leave our web site. Mark Erney takes no responsibilty for damage or loss which may be incurred once you leave our web site through a link. This is one of the reasons we do not use third party advertising or banner swap ads. What one person feels is appropriate may not be what others find appropriate. We prefer to control what images and links are displayed on our web site to insure it is appropriate for all viewing audiences. We want your visit here to be safe, enjoyable, and pleasant for the whole family. If you do find a link on our web site that leads you to inappropriate content or images, please report it to us and that link will be disabled and removed immediately.

Right Of Policy Change

Mark Erney reserves the right to change this privacy policy and copyright disclaimer at any time without notice to the user. Please visit this page on occassion for updates or revisions. There is a link to this privacy policy and copyright disclaimer at the bottom of every page on our web site.

How To Contact Us

Please use the appropriate method listed below to contact us.

                Telephone 24 hours a day via telephone at USA country code 1, 757-746-9803

                Email 8AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time 7 days a week at markerney@verizon.net

                Email 8AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time 7 days a week at markerney@gmail.com

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